DVR Education Foundation



The Foundation shall operate as an Illinois 501 (C) 3 not-for-profit public charity that serves as a vehicle for soliciting, receiving and allocating gifts, grants and bequests of money or services to further enhance and enrich programs and activities for the purpose of providing extended STEM related learning opportunities for students in the Des Plaines Valley Region enrollment area.


The DVR Education Foundation seeks financial and in-kind resources through fund raising and community partnerships to support program goals. We serve as a vehicle through which donors can fund appropriate projects, and scholarships for the DesPlaines Valley Region students. We are focused on encouraging creativity, providing enriched opportunities for learners, and assuring that all students have the opportunity to maximize their individual and collective potential.


The DVR Education Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt public charity (pending) that operates independently of the member district Boards of Education or Trustees.  A volunteer Board of Directors made up of business, education and community leaders governs the Foundation.  Established in 2012, the Foundation has the following mission:


To promote student development:


 Extend and expand STEM related opportunities for learners, as defined by the Illinois STEM Initiative

 Provide resources for enrichment and support outside of the normal school program

 Create environments for students to experience the real-world applications of math and science

 Raise student confidence in their ability to participate in STEM activities

 Remove social barriers and negative attitudes about STEM careers

 Promote collaboration and problem-solving in a team environment

 Inspire students to consider STEM majors in college

 Increase post-secondary credential attainment with equity

To develop and promote school, business and community partnerships:


 Provide a vehicle for individuals and organizations to contribute resources to enhance learning

 Scholarships to promote continued STEM related post-secondary credentials and degrees

 Increase the number of STEM graduates to fill the projected shortfall in STEM related careers

 Facilitate cooperative partnerships between the Foundation, school districts, community organizations, and business & industry

 Promote educational unity, understanding and cooperation throughout the DVR districts and communities

 Promote community and parent awareness about the Foundation and educational programs of the region

 Seek available grants to accomplish the Foundation approved projects in accord with the Foundation Mission and Vision

To encourage employee creativity and excellence:


 Provide resources to motivate and encourage employees to be innovative and creative in teaching and learning in STEM related areas

 Support unique initiatives for the enhancement of academic excellence

In distributing the resources, the Foundation will consider regional, district wide, building wide and in-classroom and out-of-classroom projects and STEM related programs and curricula, as defined by the Illinois STEM Initiative.

The DVR Education Foundation and its member schools are equal opportunity institutions and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disabilities.

Statement of Purpose